Privacy Policy - STUDY in TURKEY

Privacy Policy acts within the framework of privacy principles. These privacy principles Metropol Educational Institutions have been prepared for the determination of the responsibilities of our site on privacy.

Only information entry for product / service application and information update is made on our website. In order to protect the information entered on our website, the system and internet infrastructure of our company has been kept at the most reliable level and necessary precautions have been taken.

The information entered by our customers on our Website for product / service application and information update purposes cannot be viewed by other internet users. Unauthorized access to information shared by our customers is restricted, including Metropol Educational Institutions staff.

Metropol Educational Institutions will not share such information with any third parties, institutions and organizations unless it is under the consent of the customers or under a legal obligation.

Metropol Educational Institutions will only be able to disclose this information within the framework of necessary powers and legal regulations. When Metropol Educational Institutions requests regulatory agencies and / or legislative, executive organs and authorities to disclose customer information, Metropol Educational Institutions will only disclose this information within the required authorization.

Our Web site provides links to other websites. Our commitments in our Privacy Policy are valid only on our website and do not cover other websites. The privacy assurance and terms of use for those sites related to the use of other websites to be visited via a link from our Web Site are valid.

Metropol Educational Institutions is not responsible for the information use, ethical principles, privacy principles, quality and service quality of any other websites passed through our website for advertising, banners, content or other purposes, and any material / moral damages and losses that may occur on these sites.

Metropol Educational Institutions will ensure that these firms comply with the firm's privacy standards and requirements if they work with different organizations to provide support services. The information, materials and copyrights on our website belong to Metropol Educational Institutions.

All copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights regarding the information and materials other than the third-party materials contained in our Website are reserved in our company. In order to protect the privacy of our customers' personal information, our company system and internet infrastructure were kept at the most reliable level and necessary measures were taken. In addition, do not hesitate to consult our company for more information. You can obtain detailed information about the use and protection of your personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act ("KVKK" “PDPL”) in order to protect your personal data.