Tips For Students - STUDY in TURKEY

Tips For Students

Being a student is not confined to courses, midterms and finals. Turkey, with its social diversity and cultural structure also offers students activities outside of school. Some of these events are as below;

Student Clubs and Activities

Within each university, there are student clubs organizing activities based on the interests of the students. Sometimes this can be a music community that includes various instruments, and sometimes it can be a mountain climbing community that likes to experience excitement at the summits. If you are a photography enthusiast, you can take your camera and dive into the city with a team. You can improve your acting skills with the theater club and participate in stress-relieving matches with the football club.

These clubs may be related to the department in which you are studying as well as you are experiencing social life. The literary society, the chemical society, the engineer society are some of them.

Cinema and Theater

In terms of movie theaters, Turkey is a highly developed country. Cinemas are usually located in shopping malls. Some of them are located in the city center.  Popular films are shown in both English and Turkish. In addition to the films in the cinema, alternative films are also presented in small halls.

Important film festivals are held throughout the year in various provinces of Turkey. Istanbul Film Festival, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Ankara Film Festival, Malatya International Film Festival, Independent Film Festival and Mobile Film Festival are among the featured ones. In these festivals, films are screened both in their original language and with English subtitles.

Theater: It is divided into three categories, as state theaters, municipal theaters and private theaters. In these theaters, plays from both Turkish and world writers are presented to the audience. Theater tickets are sold out within days in advance. Hence, it is necessary to take an action early and make plans within days in advance.

Both cinema and theater tickets are sold at a discount for students. You can take advantage of of the discounted price by showing your student ID Card.


Concerts are held every season in Turkey where you can participate and listen to both local bands and popular artists around the world. Sometimes you can attend these concerts for free, where you will get many different music experiences from pop music to Turkish folk music. Every year, universities and municipalities organize free spring festivals. You can participate in these activities with your friends and enjoy the spring.

Museums & Historical Sites

Turkey, as a home countless civilizations throughout history, has been the center of many empires. A large number of museums and historical sites in Turkey are the indication of these civilizations. You can have an access to the list of these places, which are important not only for Turkey but also for world history, using the following link:

With the museum card, you can visit all museums and ruins at a discount.

Sport activities

Turkey is a country that assigned importance to sports and athletes. Football, basketball and volleyball are among these important sports. The national matches of these sports are very enjoyable. Because the Turkish people are very fanatical for their team. In addition to these three sports, it keeps to be active in many sports, such as wrestling, gymnastics and swimming. Match tickets are mostly sold online and sell out within days in advance. If you want to operate as an athlete, as well as a spectator, you can become a member of your university's sports clubs or take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

Shopping malls

It is possible to find large shopping malls in every city of Turkey. Here you can overcome your shopping needs, eat, and socialize. It should be noted the shopping centers are crowded on weekends and holidays

It is possible to find a large shopping mall in almost every district of Turkey and you can meet all your shopping needs and visit entertainment centers here. It is useful to know that shopping malls are crowded, especially on weekends and before holidays.